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    Kracken Wings

    One pound of jumbo wings flash fried and tossed with your choice of sauces,buffalo, mahogany, habanero, boom boom, or dry texas, or cajun rub, served with cilantro-lime ranch. 10

    Patrick’s Pig Wings

    7 smoked pig wings tossed in your choice of sauces, buffalo, mahogany, habanero, boom boom, or dry texas or cajun rub, served with cilantro-lime ranch. 12

    Hand-Dipped Mushrooms

    Breaded portabella mushrooms. Crispy on the outside & juicy in the middle, served with our bbq ranch. 8

    Irish Nachos

    Waffle fries smothered with spicy beef or house made chicken tinga, melted cheddar, tomatoes & jalapeños with scallion sour cream & salsa. 10

    Potato Skins

    Applewood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar & scallion sour cream. 9

    McKracken Nachos

    Spicy ground beef or house made chicken tinga set on tri-colored tortillas topped with two cheeses,tomatoes & jalapeños with scallion sour cream & salsa. 10

    Black & Tan Onion Rings

    Chipotle ketchup. 7

    Cheese Bread

    Twisty pepperoni crisps with a side of marinara. 7

    Southwest chicken Quesadilla

    Two cheeses, sides of sour cream &salsa. 8 Add grilled veggies 2

    Chicken Tenders

    BBQ, mahogany, habañero or boom
    boom sauce, served with cilantro lime ranch. 8

    White Cheddar Cheese Curds

    Red sauce or cilantro lime dip. 8

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      All sandwiches available in a wrap. Served with fresh cut french fries. Substitute tots or waffle fries for 2, onion rings 3.

      Dublin BLT

      Crispy roasted pork belly with lettuce, vine ripe tomato & lemon mayo on toasted whole grain bread. 11

      Chicken Sandwich

      Plain or buffalo 9. Add bacon 2

      Rueben / Rachel

      Corned beef or turkey, aged swiss & zesty slaw on caraway rye. 11

      Double Club

      Shaved turkey & ham, applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato & lemon mayo. 9

      Blackened Chicken Sandwich

      Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & cilantro ranch. 9

      Cheese Steak Sandwich

      Tender rib eye, sharp cheddar & au jus with hot peppers (a must!). 10

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        Hand pattied, lean ground beef served with fresh cut french fries. Substitute tots or waffle fries for 2, onion rings 3.

        Paddy’s Big Boy

        Two paddys, super sharp cheddar, caramelized onions, applewood bacon & spicy remoulade. 14

        Black & Blue Burger

        Blackened burger, applewood bacon & blue cheese. 10

        Build A Burger

        Build your own burger the way you like it. 7 Add .50 for each ingredient.

        “Kiss me Kate” Veggie Burger

        Black bean, roasted corn, whole grains & roasted red pepper, topped with lettuce, salsa & shredded jack cheese. 10


        Tender smoked pork shoulder with our zesty bbq sauce on a grilled roll with caramelized onions and pickle slices. 9

        McKracken Burger

        Topped with corned beef, swiss, sauerkraut & 1000 Island. 11

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          Sides N Stuff

          TACO SALAD

          Fresh lettuce with your choice of seasoned beef, or house made chicken tinga, topped with mixed cheese, diced tomato, black olive and green onion, with our taco dressing. 8

          Minnesota Wild Rice


          Hearty Chili

          4 With cheese, sour cream & green onions.

          House Salad

          Your choice of dressings. 6

          French fries, tater tots or waffle fries


          Apple strudel pizza & vanilla ice cream

          6. ice cream 1.50/scoop, Birthday cake or vanilla bean


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            We use a special blend of 6 cheese for all our pizza! Medium 12” 14 • XL Family 16” 18

            Chicken Alfredo

            Garlic chicken, mushrooms, red onions, creamy white garlic sauce & tomatoes.

            McKracken’s Massive 8 Topper!

            Medium 12” 14.99 X-Large Family 16” 18.99
            This pizza is loaded with our most popular toppings! Includes italian sausage, pepperoni, applewood smoked bacon, beef, mushrooms, red onions, black olives & peppadews.

            Bleu Buffalo

            Garlic chicken, blue cheese, jalapeños, celery & buffalo sauce.


            Garlic chili chicken, korean bbq sauce, fresh vegetables, green onion and fresh cilantro.

            Hawaiian Island

            Canadian bacon, applewood smoked bacon, pineapple & peppadew.

            Taco Pizza

            Chicken tinga, red onions, black olives, salsa, cheddar cheese & topped with nacho chips & jalapeños. Sour cream & lettuce served on the side.

            Design Your Own Pizza

            Start with a cheese pizza & add your toppings!
            Medium 12” 11 • XL Family 16” 15
            Add 1.00 per topping:

            pepperoni • italian sausage
            beef • canadian bacon
            applewood smoked bacon
            mushrooms • red onions
            green peppers • pineapple
            fire roasted jalapeños
            black olives • green olives
            additional cheese

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              Tap Beers

              Miller Lite
              New Castle
              Grain Belt Premium
              Leinie’s Seasonal
              Leinie’s Honey Weiss
              Fat Tire
              Blue Moon
              Coors Light
              Sam Adam’s
              Michelob Golden Light
              Bud Light
              Summit Seasonal
              Summit EPA
              Stella Artois
              Torpedo Extra IPA
              Crispin Cider
              Brooklyn Lager


              Miller Lite
              Bud Light
              Bud Light Lime
              Miller 64
              O’Doul’s Amber
              Corona Light
              Mich Ultra
              Sierra Nevada
              Stella Artois
              Rolling Rock
              Heineken Light
              Labatt Blue
              Grain Belt Premium
              Michelob Golden Light
              Mick Amberbock
              Coors Light
              Bud Light Platinum
              Amstel Light
              Whole Hog Raspberry Saison
              Dos Equis
              Mikes Hard Lemonade
              Mikes Hard Cranberry
              Smirnoff Ice
              Michelob Ultra Light Cider

              TALL BOYS

              Bud Light
              Coors Light
              Mich Golden Light
              Rolling Rock

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                RED BULL & VODKA

                America’s #1 Cocktail

                PINK PANTIES

                Kinky Liqueur & Opulent Vodka

                CLASSIC MARTINI

                Ketel One Vodka & Dry Vermouth


                Tanqueray Gin & Dry Vermouth (shaken, not stirred!)

                LEMON MERINGUE PIE

                Smirnoff Fluffed Vodka & Lemonade

                THE BIG GINGER

                2 Gingers Irish Whiskey & Ginger Ale, garnished with a lime and lemon

                MINNESOTA MULE

                Opulent Vodka & Ginger Ale

                OLD FASHION

                Bulleit Rye, Sugar, Bitters and Water garnished with an orange slice & cherry

                PEACH ON THE BEACH

                Ciroc Peach, Cranberry & Orange Juice garnished with a lime

                SHOT SELECTIONS


                FLA MINGO

                UV Cherry, UV Orange, Pineapple Juice & Red Bull


                Ice Hole Plum, Pineapple Juice & RedBull

                GRAPE FREEZIE

                UV Grape, Grape Pucker,
                UV Citruv & Red Bull

                SALTED NUT ROLL

                Smirnoff Fluffed & Frangelico with a salt coated rim

                KLONDIKE BAR

                Rumpleminze, Bailey’s & Frangelico

                ROYAL APPLE

                Crown Royal, Apple Pucker & Cranberry

                BLACK TOOTH GRIN

                Captain Black & a splash of Cola

                IRISH BOMB

                Bailey’s & 2 Gingers dropped



                Chardonnay • Pinot Grigio
                Cabernet • Merlot
                White Zinfandel

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